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Tattoo Studio Furniture | Salonbeautyfurniture-ukSalon Beauty Furniture, your One-stop Shop for all your Tattoo Chair and Equipment Needs

Tired of back and shoulder pain from an uncomfortable, non-adjustable tattoo chair? You have come to the right place. Our chairs are electric and hydraulic, with a comfortable armchair design. We offer a variety of colors and different designs to match your salon's interior style. We offer quality tattoo chairs for sale with great prices. Other than tattoo chairs, we offer other accessories as well which are essentials for your tattoo parlor.

Getting a tattoo can be overwhelming for some people, because they are permanent and sometimes painful as well. The last thing you need is having a tattoo chair that is uncomfortable. Your goal is to make the procedure as easy as possible, for both the clients and the artist, and we are here with our furniture to help you do just that. Visit our page and buy tattoo chairs online and enjoy exciting deals!

The different kinds of tattoo chairs

Our electric chairs are without a doubt the fastest out there. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, these are the perfect pick for you. With technology evolving every day, clients expect you to have the latest equipment, and if you do, they will prefer you to your competitors. This is why it becomes essential to stay up to date with consumer demands and what your competitors are providing. Trust us in providing the best and the latest models in the market! We also offer rotating tattoo chairs and motorized tattoo chairs that are both great choices for someone who's looking to get into the industry or wants an upgrade from their current setup.

Our hydraulic tattoo chairs on the other hand are perfect for those looking to take things at a slower pace and invest in something that will last you for years to come. These are a bit more reasonable than the electric ones, but still very comfortable and stylish. These are perfect if you are on a budget and looking for something that is easy on the pocket. Apart from the electric features, these chairs offer necessary, adjustable features like armrests. They will surely not disappoint your clients!

A perfect fit for any salon

We offer an extensive selection of electric and hydraulic tattoo chairs that come in armchair (standard) or rotating designs. We also offer a wide range of colours and designs to meet your needs — whether you need a black or white chair, we have it! Our tattoo chairs are designed with the most advanced technology. We only use high-end materials that undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are long-lasting and durable. We make sure that our chairs offer the most comfortable experience for both clients and tattoo artists. That's why we offer most of our chairs with a 2-year warranty!

You can never go wrong with Salon Beauty Furniture’s tattoo furniture. Leading salons in UK love to shop from us and we will never let you down! If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and own the latest furniture and equipment before others, buy tattoo chairs now and win the race!

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